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Q: Why can't compile XMLtype with libxml-2.x.x?
A: libxml-1.x.x and 2.x.x are not compatible with each other. Unfortunately, the crucial portion used by XMLtype (DTD parsing) is IMHO somewhat obscure and more difficult to implement in 2.x.x. Of course, it shouldn't be really hard to rewrite the code (few *.cpp in src/parser)... Someone interested?

Q: I have libxml installed, but can't compile XMLtype!
A: Your libxml is either version 2.x.x (see above), or you installed only libxml-1.x.x package (shared library only), not libxml-devel-1.x.x (containing also C header files and xml-config script).

Q: What character encodings are supported?
A: UTF-8 is the only encoding XMLtype uses.

Q: Are you about to add more encodings? (e.g. UTF-16, ISO-8859-x, etc.)
A: NO. XMLtype is designed from the beginning solely for UTF-8. Sorry.

Q: I am working under OS other than Linux, is XMLtype for me?
A: Try to compile it and let me know.

Q: I am working under MS Window$, is XMLtype for me?